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Six points, six years...

Welcome to year six of the Horseshoe, the home for Colts haiku

Football is a game of simple grace and power, grit and glory unleashed in small explosions. It's poetry in motion. Fast forward, that is. The 'Shoe doesn't need pages of stat-crunching analysis to find the essence of the game. 17 weeks. 17 syllables. That's all we need.  Beat that, ESPN.

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Issue # 96: Colts vs. Chargers

The record be damned,
A win is more important.
Peyton takes a knee.

Befuddled by blitz,
Peyton avoids big mistake.
Patience rewarded.

Giddy crowd shakes Dome.
Red-zone anticipation.
History at hand.

Peyton probes defense.
Finally finds a weakness
with third quarter score.

First place Raven D
upstaged by relentless force:
Dwight Freeney, the horse!

The wait is over.
Ponies make home with best fan.
The Horseshoe, of course!

Mayor and owner,
forge long-lasting partnership.
City, team will grow.

Wild horses no more,
Generations to come know
only Indy Colts.

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Each year, Jim Conway (father of the 'Shoe) predicts winners for the full slate of NFL games. He'll put the 'Shoe to the test!

The  score so far...

The Horseshoe  142/224
Jim Conway 128/224

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I welcome your submissions. They are loads of fun to write. I am using the 5-7-5 form, meaning the haiku should consist of three lines, the first line being five syllables long, the second being seven syllables, and the third five.  Submit haiku here

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