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Six points, six years...

Welcome to year six of the Horseshoe, the home for Colts haiku

Football is a game of simple grace and power, grit and glory unleashed in small explosions. It's poetry in motion. Fast forward, that is. The 'Shoe doesn't need pages of stat-crunching analysis to find the essence of the game. 17 weeks. 17 syllables. That's all we need.  Beat that, ESPN.

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Issue # 100: Season Wrap-up

Snow in Foxboro
No excuse can save the Colts
The better team won.

Boston curse reversed.
Patriots are new Yankees
Eighty-six year wait?

Issue # 99

Like the ancient Greeks,
Peyton must face nemesis.
His name: Belichick.

Issue # 98

Rematch or replay?
Horse battle yields same end.
Colts book Boston flight.

Issue # 97

Twenty year record.
His childhood hero surpassed,
Peyton sets the pace.

Issue # 96

Wild horses no more,
Generations to come know
only Indy Colts.

Issue # 95

Triple threat horseshoes.
No, not the triplets, Dwight Freeney
One-man wrecking crew.

Issue # 94

Three straight onside kicks,
then a fake punt for Titans.
Desperate measures.

Issue # 93

More touchdown passes
than incompletions last game.
Super-human feat.

Issue # 92

In the fourth quarter,
Marino sighs in relief.
Manning out of pads.

Issue # 91

Yak: fuzzy bovine
or colt prancing to paydirt?
YAC: yards after catch.

Issue # 90

Defenses, beware.
Only two things can stop Colts.
Themselves or the clock.

Issue # 89

Manning's career day.
Five touchdowns count for nothing.
Young defense crumbles.

Issue # 88

Reggie shoves Peyton
Pigskin pundits play it up.
Passion or pouting?

Issue # 87

Their work unnoticed
They prefer obscurity.
Colts offensive line.

Issue # 86

Raiders stomped by 'Shoe.
Silver and black, black and blue
One eye patch, now two.

Issue # 85

Cosmic waiver wire
has a new franchise player.
Jim tops the draft board.

Issue # 84

Waving and pointing,
He paces line like tiger.
Peyton plays with prey.

Issue # 83

Yellow wedge helmet
Armloadfuls of brats and beer.
Cheddar heads at the dome.

Issue # 82

The Colt rule, some say.
No contact beyond five yards.
Yellow flags will fly.

Issue # 81

Don't call them rivals.
The Patriots own the Colts.
Face it, Colts are cursed.

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No sour grapes among football poets...

Here are some great haiku from a Patriot fan.

The same ol same ol
The Colts offense can't be stopped?
Bruschi says "ha ha"

Colts so confident
Pats are ripe for the picking?
Sour grapes again.

MVP Peyton
We never knew his value
Choking yet again

Forty nine TDs
Better than Dan Marino!
Equal ring count (none)

Who's the MVP?
Meet Mr. January
Mr. Thomas Brady

Polian's stupid
please pronounce "Patriots" right
and get a defense

What is it this year?
What is left to whine about?
face it, you're losers.



I welcome your submissions. They are loads of fun to write. I am using the 5-7-5 form, meaning the haiku should consist of three lines, the first line being five syllables long, the second being seven syllables, and the third five.  Submit haiku here

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